Owner:  CCRI, LLC
Architect:  Skidmore, Owens, & Merrill
Engineer:  WSP
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $12,005,400.00
General Contractor:  Okland Construction
Size:  510,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  July 2016
The 111 Main Tower project is a 510,000 square foot office tower constructed in downtown where virtually every component for construction has been brought on site as needed.  It was constructed in conjunction with, and attached to the Utah Performing Arts Center.  This is a design assist project and used a rarely attempted structural design that allows the floors to move independently from the core structure, along with an advanced seismic approach.  This required the plumbing and mechanical piping systems in the vertical high rise to allow this flexibility as well.  This is a LEED project and is on track to receive a Gold certification.  There are 22 occupied floors for office space using separate high rise and low rise HVAC systems, and an under floor air distribution system with fan powered VAV boxes for an efficient and comfortable environment.  Construction of this high rise was completed in under 24 months from the time the underground plumbing systems began.

Owner:  Iasis Healthcare
Architect:  Earl Swensson Associates
Engineer:  I.C. Thomas
Location:  Lehi, UT
Contract:  $11,000,000.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Completion Date:  May 2015
Lehi Medical Center is a 125,000 square foot hospital.  It was a green field construction site with a 15 month construction schedule.  J&S was brought on as a design assist partner to help keep the project within budget and on schedule.  We performed a full BIM process.  We then used the BIM model to produce spool sheets so we could prefabricate piping to help keep the project on schedule.  This project also included a 60,000 square foot professional office building that was connected to the hospital.  The P.O.B. mechanical system was fed through the hospital which required careful routing.

Owner:  Iasis Healthcare Corporation
Architect:  Perkins & Will
Engineer:  Spectrum
Location:  West Jordan, UT
Contract:  $905,213.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Completion Date:  March 2014
This project consisted of a complete renovation of the Endoscopy Suite and addition of an Ortho operating room and Robotics operating room.  The remodel required campus wide shut downs of the medical gas systems, chilled water, heating water, steam, and domestic water.  We replaced the facilities quadraplex vacuum pump over a weekend to adhere to WAGD requirements.


Architect:  Winter Street Architects, Inc
Engineer:  A.H.A. Consulting Engineers
Location:  West Jordan, UT
Contract:  $6,987,000.00
General Contractor:  DPR Construction
Completion Date:  October 2013
eBay Quicksilver was an open book design assist project awarded through competitive bid GMP with all savings being returned to the owner.  This project was fast track which required a complete BIM model before construction which allowed us to prefabricate material for immediate install when the areas were available.  eBay used Bloom stamps for the electrical power which required us to coordinate and install natural gas and D.I. water to all Bloom stamps as well as future stamps.  Upon completion of this project J&S Mechanical is listed as the preferred mechanical contractor by eBay.

Architect:  KMD Architects
Engineer:  JBA
Location:  Las Vegas, NV
Contract:  $10,854,330.00
General Contractor:  Penta Building Group
Completion Date:  September 2013
This building remodel was awarded as a competitive bid design assist with the tenant finish awarded as design build.  The project was a remodel of the old county building in the heart of old downtown Las Vegas with "tight site" construction, including replacement of the air handlers on the roof of the 13 story tower.  Construction commenced prior to completed design using a fast track schedule.  We provided assistance with design of the data center, bistro, base building HVAC, and the complete design of the tenant finish.  The data center utilizes in row cooling and hot isle containment and was completed prior to the rest of the project allowing the owner to load and use the racks early.  The building was coordinated and detailed in 3D BIM requiring extensive research of existing utilities, structure, and HVAC systems.  The project is currently pursuing LEED Gold.

Owner:  eBay
Architect:  Smith Group, LLC
Engineer:  Smith Group, LLC
Location:  Draper, UT
Contract:  $7,316,263.00
General Contractor:  Okland Construction
Size:  243,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  March 2013
The eBay Customer Service Center consists of a 192,000 square foot call center facility and includes a connected, 51,000 square foot amenities building.  This project utilizes energy efficient mechanical systems with indirect/direct evaporative cooling providing the primary means of cooling for a complex designed to house 1,900 occupants, each with computer workstations.  The plumbing systems are designed using low water consumption fixtures, and the building is on track to receive LEED Gold Certification.  Construction of this facility was completed in eleven months from start to finish, a commendable accomplishment for a project of this size and nature.

ENR Mountain States Award of Merit Higher Education/Research - 2012
Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  Lord, Aech, & Sargent
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $29,565,393.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  208,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  October 2011
The SMBB building consists of 144,800 square feet of technical lab space, 36,200 square feet of Vivarium space, and 26,861 square feet of clean room nanotechnology space.  This project has Edstrom environmental monitoring, ultrapure water, heat recovery airhandlers, clean room air handlers, process gasses & chilled water, liquid nitrogen, clean room protocol, Phoenix valves and high temperature water.  It is a design assist project pursuing DFCM High Performance Building and LEED Gold.

ENR Mountain States Best Healthcare Project - 2011
Owner:  Legacy Hospital Partners, Inc.
Architect:  Ascension Group Architects
Engineer:  TLC Engineering
Location:  Pocatello, ID
Contract:  $31,000,000.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  297,500 Sq Ft New - 37,000 Sq Ft Renovation
Completion Date:  June 2011
Portneuf Medical Center is a Leed Certified Hospital.  It has 187 beds with all private patient rooms that includes a state of the art labor and delivery department with 12 birthing tubs. This was a fast track project and was completed in 24 months.  This $150 million dollar project has won the ENR Mountain States Best Healthcare Project of the year award.  There is over 5 miles of snow melt, including a heated helipad and a helicopter hanger.  J & S Mechanical was honored to be part of this team approached project.  This was a fully BIM coordinated project.  We completed our work under a design assist, open book format using complete time and material back up with savings being returned to the owner.

ENR Mountain States Best Overall Project of the Year - 2011
Owner:  Utah State University
Architect:  AVC Architects
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  North Logan, UT
Contract:  $14,875,574.00
General Contractor:  Gramoll Construction
Size:  110,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  September 2010
The Life Sciences Research Center is a unique lab building.  This project is pursuing a LEED Gold certification.  It is one of the few in the United States with a BSL-3 enhanced lab.  It is also equipped with a Vivarium and animal holding rooms and uses Phoenix controls for negative pressurization.  We were selected for this project using the value based method with only design development drawings and an FLCC to meet.  We were heavily involved throughout the design process.  We provided updated budgets and Value Engineering ideas and were able to help bring the design in within the FLCC.  The above ceiling systems were successfully coordinated using BIM 3D modeling.

Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  VCBO
Engineer:  Colvin Engineering
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $7,279,902.00
General Contractor:  Jacobsen Construction
Size:  250,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  October 2009
The Multi-Agency State Office is a four story building.  It consists of two buildings adjoined by an atrium and common space to serve the state DHS and DEQ facilities.  This is a design assist project, meeting the DFCM's "High Performance Building" rating system.  Some of the design factors used to meet these standards are fixtures with low water consumption, VAV's with reset based on occupancy, and an irrigation system that reuses water from the cooling tower system.  This project was completed ahead of the very aggressive 14 month schedule.

Owner:  Iasis Healthcare
Architect:  Perkins & Will
Engineer:  TLC Engineering
Location:  West Jordan, UT
Contract:  $9,460,987.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  137,942 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  October 2009
This project is a Design Assist - FLCC project.  It was completed in several phases including a remodel and addition of the ER department, the addition of a three story bed tower, an addition of a lab, and addition of a NICU, the remodel of the central plant, and numerous smaller interior remodels.  We had to make several tie-ins and integrations into existing systems that effected the entire campus including steam, condensate, chilled water, heating water, controls, domestic water, and all medical gases.

Owner:  Molasky Group of Companies
Architect:  DGI of Nevada, LTD
Engineer:  LSW Engineers
Location:  Las Vegas, NV
Contract:  $21,226,361.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  218,921 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  July 2009
This project is a new 1,000 bed facility with a separate central plant and administration building that includes a four story housing unit.  We worked closely with Layton on the schedule to meet the finish date for turnover to the state.


Best Healthcare Project 2009 - Intermountain Contractor
Owner: DFCM
Architect: Architectural Nexus
Engineer: Van Boerum & Frank
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Contract: $22,146,665.00
General Contractor: Layton Construction
Size: 309,043 Sq Ft plus parking & helipad
Completion Date: June 2009
This Design Assist, FLCC project was completed in multiple tightly scheduled phases.  We added three floors and snowmelt to the Helipad/Parking and two floors to the existing occupied East Pavilion.  Along with the addition of the West Pavilion, we completed several phases of renovations to building 525 requiring close coordination of numerous tie-ins of utilities including high temp, chilled water, and medical gasses.  This was also a very tight site with "as needed" deliveries.

Best Project / Architectural Design - Mountain States Contractor
Owner:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Architect:  MHTN Architects
Engineer:  RMH Group
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract Amount:  $12,126,238.00
General Contractor:  Jacobsen / Swinerton a Joint Venture
Size:  213,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  March 2009
The Church History Library is a LEED project with complicated technical HVAC systems including dehumidifiers and gaseous filtration required for the rare, valuable, and delicate items stored within.  Due to these types of systems needed, we commissioned this building at a higher level than what is required for LEED.  Due to its location, there was very limited laydown and deliveries had to be closely coordinated and brought in as needed.  This project was completed three months early.

Owner:  Varian Medical Systems
Architect:  MHTN Architects
Engineer:  Dale R. Wilde Company
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $969,551.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  57,540 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  June 2007
This project was delivered and successfully completed using the Design Build method.  The project included offices, manufacturing, shipping, and receiving.  the project included a 7,500 square foot clean room for the final assembly and testing of X-ray flat screens and was built using clean room protocol.  The project was delivered on time allowing the owner to meet their production schedules.


Best Public Project 2006 - Intermountain Contractor
Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  FFKR
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $8,955,900.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  212,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  August 2006
This project consisted of two buildings; one building was lab space including a Vivarium while the other building was clinical space.  They were connected by a four story atrium complete with smoke control.  This was also a GMP value based award using 90% construction documents.  We assisted with schedule, constuctability, sequencing, and value engineering.  The site also dictated little or no laydown or parking.  Delivery was coordinated on an as needed basis.  We successfully commissioned the building in conjunction with a 3rd party commissioning agency hired by the owner.  We completed the project within budget and schedule.

Owner:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Architect:  MHTN Architects
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract Amount:  $7,092,556.00
General Contractor:  Jacobsen Construction
Completion Date:  August 2006
We were awarded the project as part of the General Contractors team during the design and development phase.  Our role was to assist in developing the FLCC, developing the schedule, selection of equipment and construcability.  This project was a complete seismic renovation of a highly regarded historical building.  Due to the location, all material and equipment had to be stored off site and delivered as needed.  The project was delivered within budget and schedule.

Best Overall Project 2004 - Intermountain Contractor
Building Project of 2004 - Associated General Contractors of Utah
Owner: University of Utah Campus Design
Architect: Jensen Haslam
Engineer: Van Boerum & Frank
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Contract: $12,264,919.00
General Contractor: Layton Construction
Size: 289,613 Sq Ft
Completion Date: July 2004
This project was delivered using a GMP bid off od 90% construction documents.  This was a competitive bid value based selection.  We were not the low bidder but were awarded the job due to our experience and reputation.  Due to the state of design, our role was primarily true value engineering and constructability issues due to the complexity of the project.  The project had a gamma knife, linear accelerator and a cyclotron and was built into the side of a mountain.  We only had construction access to one side of the project.  The building had to be built from the back of the building to the front.  In some areas, three levels were constructed before moving towards the front.  The project was completed within budget and schedule.

Silver Award Design Build 2004 - Intermountain Contractor
Owner: DFCM
Architect:  Jensen Haslam / Thomas, Peterson, & Hammond
Engineer: Van Boerum & Frank
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Contract: $6,516,709.00
General Contractor: Layton Construction
Size: 146,616 Sq Ft
Completion Date: October 2003
This project was a Design Assist project.  The project included a new emergency department, high-tech trauma rooms, specialty specific exam rooms, surgical intensive care unit, and recovery rooms.  We completed numerous reroutes and extensions of utilities including water, 30" storm 22 feet deep, sanitary sewer, direct bury chilled water, and high temperature water.  The project also included the relocation of the existing helipad as part of a new two level parking structure with three heliport pads on the top floor.  A major remodel of the operating rooms in the existing facility started after the completion of the new addition and was completed in a 90 day time frame, giving the owner six new state of the art operation rooms.

Owner:  Boyer Company
Architect:  GSBS
Engineer:  Colvin Engineering
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $4,000,500.00
General Contractor:  Big-D Construction
Size:  350,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  October 2001
This project was a design assist with a firm budget.  The Gateway is an open air shopping mall and parking structure with a large snow melt system and fountains.  It is located in downtown Salt Lake City and is a tight site with closely coordinated deliveries.


Owner:  Blue Cross Blue Shield
Engineer:  Colvin Engineering
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $4,926,693.00
General Contractor:  Big-D Construction
Size:  260,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  2000
This project was a design assist where we teamed with Big-D Construction on the proposal.  It consisted of a large office building with a parking structure, kitchen, data rooms, snow melt systems, cooling towers, chillers, and hot water heat boiler systems with base guard radiant heat and VAV reheat.