UC&D Outstanding Large Higher Education Project - 2015
Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  MHTN Architects
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank Associates
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $5,934,863.00
General Contractor:  Okland Construction
Size:  180,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  December 2014
The new Student Life Center is a 180,000 square foot, state of the art recreation center at the University of Utah campus.  The facility supports numerous activities and fitness training programs, housing areas such as a four story climbing wall, 50 meter lap pool, and 300 meter indoor track.  This is a LEED certified project with efficient plumbing and mechanical systems.  The HVAC systems are designed to support the different needs for particular areas of activity with more than 10 air handling systems serving the facility.  The natatorium space is conditioned with 48,000 CFM using custom indoor dehumidification units with energy recovery systems.  The building heating and domestic hot water systems are generated using the campus' high pressure and temperature hot water system converting water from over 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 psi to a lower temperature and pressure heating system for the building.  The plumbing systems support a large number of occupants while maintaining low water consumption fixtures.  The site allowed no room for storage and deliveries needed to be carefully coordinated to be as needed and ready to install.  The project was completed in just 16 months and opened on schedule.

ENR Mountain States Best Higher Education/Research - 2012
Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  HDR CUH2A
Engineer:  HDR CUH2A
Location:  Logan, UT
Contract:  $8,907,303.00
General Contractor:  Jacobsen Construction
Size:  140,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  February 2012
The College of Agriculture is an innovative campus facility built with standards for energy efficiency. This project has received a LEED Gold rating. The building contains both lab and office spaces and has separate HVAC systems to accommodate both. There are "Phoenix" supply and exhaust systems with a wash down that eliminates potential contaminants being introduced to the atmosphere. This project was built on a site that accommodated virtually no lay down space or parking. The College of Agriculture was awarded using a value based approach in which we were not the low bidder, but we were awarded the job based on experience and reputation.

ENR Mountain States Award of Merit Higher Education/Research - 2012
Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  Lord, Aech, & Sargent
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $29,565,393.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  208,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  October 2011
The SMBB building consists of 144,800 square feet of technical lab space, 36,200 square feet of Vivarium space, and 26,861 square feet of clean room nanotechnology space.  This project has Edstrom environmental monitoring, ultrapure water, heat recovery airhandlers, clean room air handlers, process gasses & chilled water, liquid nitrogen, clean room protocol, Phoenix valves and high temperature water.  It is a design assist project pursuing DFCM High Performance Building and LEED Gold.

ENR Mountain States Best Overall Project of the Year - 2011
Owner:  Utah State University
Architect:  AVC Architects
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  North Logan, UT
Contract:  $14,875,574.00
General Contractor:  Gramoll Construction
Size:  110,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  September 2010
The Life Sciences Research Center is a unique lab building.  This project is pursuing a LEED Gold certification.  It is one of the few in the United States with a BSL-3 enhanced lab.  It is also equipped with a Vivarium and animal holding rooms and uses Phoenix controls for negative pressurization.  We were selected for this project using the value based method with only design development drawings and an FLCC to meet.  We were heavily involved throughout the design process.  We provided updated budgets and Value Engineering ideas and were able to help bring the design in within the FLCC.  The above ceiling systems were successfully coordinated using BIM 3D modeling.

Owner:  Alpine School District
Architect:  Sandstrom Associates
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Saratoga Springs, UT
Contract:  $9,062,213.00
General Contractor:  Bud Mahas Construction
Size:  345,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  July 2009
This project is a new high school complete with a central heating and cooling plant.  The project was completed on time.


Owner:  Clark County School District
Architect:  Welles Pugsely Architects LLP
Engineer:  Petty & Associates
Location:  Las Vegas, NV
Contract:  $8,606,196.00
General Contractor:  Pace Contracting
Size:  167,219 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  January 2009
This project was awarded by competitive bid through the bid depository.  This is a new school design and we worked closely with Pace to try to solve the design problems on the job.  The school was opened on time.


Owner:  University of Utah / DFCM
Architect:  FFKR Architects
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $2,296,982.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  22,715 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  December 2008
This project was awarded to us based on our past performance with the owner.  The schedule was extremely tight with duration of 90 days to complete the main project.  The project was the renovation of an existing facility which included four new operation rooms and a new research laboratory complete with hoods, lab gasses, and phoenix valves.  The project was delivered on time allowing the owner to meet their surgery schedule for the new operating rooms.  After the completion of the main project, a new MRI Suite was completed including a 3T MRI.

Owner:  University of Utah
Architect:  FFKR
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $1,437,778.00
General Contractor:  Layton Interior Construction Specialties
Size:  29,200 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  July 2008
This project was a full lab build out including lab tables and hoods complete with lab gasses, acid waste, purified water, and phoenix valves.  We successfully completed this work for the Brain Institute in four months while the building was occupied.


Best Public Project 2006 - Intermountain Contractor
Owner:  DFCM
Architect:  FFKR
Engineer:  Van Boerum & Frank
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $8,955,900.00
General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Size:  212,000 Sq Ft
Completion Date:  August 2006
This project consisted of two buildings; one building was lab space including a Vivarium while the other building was clinical space.  They were connected by a four story atrium complete with smoke control.  This was also a GMP value based award using 90% construction documents.  We assisted with schedule, constuctability, sequencing, and value engineering.  The site also dictated little or no laydown or parking.  Delivery was coordinated on an as needed basis.  We successfully commissioned the building in conjunction with a 3rd party commissioning agency hired by the owner.  We completed the project within budget and schedule.

Owner:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Architect:  ZGF Partnership
Engineer:  Colvin Engineering
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Contract:  $3,078,544.00
General Contractor:  Interior Construction Specialists
Completion Date:  July 2006
This project was a complete renovation of an existing 10 story office building to a new business college.  A complete plumbing and mechanical system was installed.  A new mechanical room was located in a rooftop penthouse, including boilers, chillers, and domestic hot water heaters.  Cooling towers and a built up air handling unit were also placed on the roof.  The project was completed in 9 months.


Owner: White Pines County School District
Engineer: Peterson & Associates Ltd.
Location: Ely, NV
Contract: $1,270,245.00
General Contractor: Richardson Construction
Size:  125,532 Sq Ft
Completion Date: 1995
This was a new design for the high school using a geothermal source for the heating and cooling of the building.  With the school in a location where the temperature drops to 20 below, the school still installed a mechanical room with a boiler system for backup.  The job was completed in 12 months and on schedule.